Fuller Tankers have been in Business since 1947, with over 65 years experience in Tanker Manufacturing. The company main business is to supply to Local and Water Authorities through Prequalification Tender Process and Private Contractors. It main business activity is in the UK and Ireland but have also supplied vehicles into Europe and the far east.

The Company is owned by two Directors, Nathan Jones as Managing Director and Justin Cooke as Director which have worked for the company for over 15 years. The company management all has an Engineering background that gives great knowledge in Jetting equipment, Vacuum Systems. The Company employees 25 people and its success has been in the motivation, skills and loyalty of our employees who on average have been with fullers for over 11years. It also see the importance of training with an apprentice program recently introduced.


The Main Works is situated on the edge of Wales in Sedbury near Chepstow where the company has been sine 1951 which its facility has expanded over the years. 

The Company has built some ground breaking equipment from the Channel Tunnel cleaning machine to high pressure runway cleaners. But it main focus always comes back to jetting, suction and recycling equipment.

The main products the company markets are the 7.5 tonne jet vac, Vacuum suction only tankers, Gully Cleaners, Large Jet Vacs and Water Recyclers


We can build custom made tankers to suit your specific needs.


Our staff tend to your needs and guide you through the process of buying your unit.


We have the latest technologies which aids us to create high quality modern equipment.


You can trust us in the knowledge that our team have years of experience in the field.

Fantastic service and top quality equipment. What more could we have asked for? Fuller tankers provided us with a tanker that fills all of our needs and more.

by Phil Richards


Fuller Tankers UK are specialists in Jetting Tankers, Vacuum Tankers, Jet Vac, Sludge Tankers, Street Washing, Fuller Recycler and Jetting Equipment. We are leading tanker manufacturers with more than 50 years experience in the UK. The modern factory produces a wide range of vehicle mounted tankers including Jetting Tankers, Vacuum Tankers, Fuller Recycler and Jetting Equipment. Our customers include many Local Authorities and Utilities Companies in the UK and World Wide, from Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester to Birmingham and London.

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